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Perthon Change Log

2003-12-11  dmanura

	* ex/ make valid python.

2003-12-11  dmanura

	* lib/Perthon/ fixed incorrect method call syntax.
	  newlines after print. spaces between print arguments.  off-by-one
	  error in slice range.  placeholder for import statement.  hacked
	  determination of '&' on function calls.

2003-12-11  dmanura

	* lib/Perthon/ fixed broken elif expression

2003-12-08  dmanura

	* ex/, ex/, ex/, ex/, ex/,
	  ex/, ex/, ex/, ex/,
	  ex/, ex/, ex/, ex/,
	  lib/Perthon/, lib/Perthon/, t/assign.t,
	  t/syntax.t: adding initial 0.1 versions of file.

2003-12-08  dmanura

	* Changes, GNUmakefile, MANIFEST, README, grammar.txt,
	  adding initial 0.1 versions of files.

older pre-cvs changes

  2003-12-01  David Manura

    * Version 0.1 released
    * Moved to SourceForge.

    * Beginning error handling.

    * Rudimentary arrays/slice support.

  2003-11-29  David Manura
    * Improved lexing (implicit/explicit line continuations), more
      robust indent handling.

    * Started syntax test suite.

    * Augmented assign statements (e.g. +=)

  2003-11-28  David Manura

    * Rudimentary support for if statements, continue, break, long
      strings, classes, __init__ method, class attributes, indexed targets,
      construct calls.

  2003-11-25  David Manura

    * Rudimentary support for hash, floating point, and string
      literals.  Perl's '&' v.s '$' of identifiers

    * Recognize Pythonic spacing (INDENT / DEDENT lexing). 


    * Rudimentary support for function definitions, for, print,
      assert, function calls, and expression_stmt's


    * Created project.

    * Rudimentary support for simple assignments, target_list
      assignments, simple expressions, while.