Perthon Python-to-Perl Language Translation
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Perthon To-Do

  • Many, many things, too many to list here, including:
  • Complete the conversion of grammar.txt into the Parse::RecDescent format
  • Implement error handling
  • Establish a testing framework. Perhaps we can simply reuse the extensive set of existing tests cases for the Python interpreter? Additional Perl-specific testing will still be needed.
  • Determine to what extent Python can be machine translated into Perl.

Future Plans

We might at some point wrap this in a Filter::Simple for convenience of use:

use Python;

def hello(who):
    print "Hello", who, ", There's more than one way to do it!"
or to mixing Perl and Python:
sub hello {
    return "hello";


use Python;

def world():
    print hello(), "world"